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Self-talk and the importance of learning to forgive and understand yourself

Last week, my girlfriend’s entire week was consumed with babysitting her two year old nephew while her sister in law was in the hospital giving birth. One day that week, she told me how her nephew fell down from trying to climb up something tall and, as is usually the case when you’re busy taking care of someone else’s child, he used his face to break the fall.
Thank god, nothing serious happened aside from a small bruise on his face, but the part that intrigued me was her telling me how she knew something serious had happened because of the way he was crying – Apparently, she can hear the difference between an “I’m unhappy” cry and a “Something is seriously wrong” cry… This still blows my mind!

Either way, this brings me to the point of this article…
It’s amazing how most people with intense phobias have a tape going on in their minds saying something along the lines of “This is SO stupid! I’m a grown man / woman and I can’t even look out of a darned window / be around a dog / sit in an airplane without freaking out … What’s wrong with me!?”
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