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Fear of Flying

A Truly Wonderful Speech Reminding Us What Life TRULY Is About!

As a Hypnotist and NLP practitioner and teacher, the one thing that I always pay the most attention to with my clients is not whether what you are doing is good or bad – Since I do not consider myself qualified enough to be able to judge what would be good or bad for any person other than myself.
Rather, I like to focus on the distinction between useful and not-useful – Is what you are doing USEFUL in your life or is it detrimental or NOT-USEFUL in your life? … Now that is something we can tell right away based upon how it makes you feel and the results it creates for you on a day-to-day basis.

Senreeka, a friend of mine, e-mailed me this commencement speech given by the Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Anna Quinlen, at the graduation ceremony of Villanova University – where she received her honorary PhD.
I read this speech and knew right away I wanted to share it with you. This is one of those rare gems that touches the soul and reminds you what life truly could be about… Not because what you are doing right now is bad or wrong in any way. But, rather, because we sometimes get so caught up in the “doing” of life that we miss the living of it… And that is NOT USEFUL!

All people who live will die. But, not all people who die will have lived.”

– Anonymous

I hope you enjoy reading this speech as much as I did…
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