Why I am SURE your phobias CAN be cured

Why I’m sure your phobias CAN be cured.

August 26th, 2008… I remember that day well. That was the day I ALMOST developed a bridge phobia.
My whole family woke up at 4:30 in the morning and there was a terrible rushing around the house to make sure everything was in order.
Laptops – Check ; Snacks – Check ; Warm Clothes – Check. We had to make sure we had everything we would need for the 6-hour wait in that terrible hospital family waiting area while my sister underwent her surgery. Of course she was as calm as could be – What did she have to do besides go to sleep for 6-hours?… I couldn’t say the same for my mom, though. She was trying to hide her nerves, but she was definitely more on-edge and excitable than your average mother hen. And, of course, trying to be strong for my family, I was trying to make the whole situation light-hearted and trying to distract everyone from any possible negative thoughts that may arise.
We get down to the car, pack it up and my father hands me the car keys – as he always does because he hates driving while its dark… No problem! – After all, I love driving and it’ll give me something to keep my mind on for the hour-long drive down to the hospital in Miami Beach.
So, we begin our drive down the I-95 freeway and all’s going great. No traffic this early in the morning. We’re all talking and trying to hide our inner-anxieties from each other.
THEN the darndest thing happens… As I drive over a bridge on the highway – The same bridge I must drive over at least 3 times in any given week… Yup!, that one! – my mind starts imagining that I might just drive the car over the side and kill my entire family.
I try and push the thought out of my mind… Think happy thoughts… Think Happy thoughts… Easter bunnies, jungle gyms, rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens… DARN IT, I’m so nervous I’m stealing lines from the movie “The Sound of Music” – But it doesn’t help… I start getting stuck in the thought that the bridge is too narrow and what if a tire were to burst and I were to lose control of the car… This REALLY sucks!!

I want to scream, but given the current mood in the car, I just wipe my INTENSELY sweaty palms on my jeans and keep trying to banter with my family – hoping they think the anxious break in my voice is nothing more than morning grogginess.
Thank god the entire bridge episode lasted no more than those eternal 60-seconds, but I was already dreading the thought of what would happen when I drove over the next bridge – After all, I’m a darn good hypnotist and I know how easily phobias can lock themselves in a person’s mind… Did I mention that THIS SUCKS?

So, we get to the hospital with no further complications from my side. Hand my sister over to the nurses, kiss her good luck and begin our tedious 6-hour wait.
While sitting there waiting, I turn to my girlfriend (who is an extremely gifted practitioner herself) and begin to tell her that it absolutely sucks that I think I might have just developed a bridge phobia and have to call Pavel as soon as I can to have him do one of our phobia-cure procedures on me. I truly must admit that I forget how wonderfully talented and insightful she is, though (to learn more about her, check out www.inthemomentcoach.com). She simply asks me one question – “Do you think this has to do with driving over the bridge, or do you think it might be about your sister dying in surgery?”
I mean, in telling you this story, I’m sure you have already very easily made that connection yourself, but when it’s all happening at once, your mind truly doesn’t notice the obvious. I quickly shrugged off the idea and said I didn’t think that was the case, but she simply asked me again if I was sure.
Was I sure? … NO!.. Not really… But my ego was already stuck in the thought that I was afraid of the bridge, not nervous about my sister going under the scalpel… What a silly question for her to ask TWICE now??

But I have to admit it – Thanks to her loving, very non-confrontational way of asking me, I considered the possibility and POOF! Just like magic, I got in touch with my REAL fears about my sister’s operation, her possible death, my needs to keep a strong face for my family’s sake, etc – All the things I had to bottle up to make it through that anxiety-filled morning without cracking… But my mind, being nervous and overwhelmed HAD to find an outlet – It began imagining driving off a bridge. Was I in ANY way afraid of that… NO! But, I was filled with anxiety and that was the easiest path for the fears to manifest themselves in my body.

Thankfully for my girlfriend’s keen insight and more-so her persistence at making me really consider that fact, I’ve never had a fear driving over bridges again because I truly dealt with the core issue that created the phobia in the first place.

And now, THAT is a point worth mentioning and considering… Imagine, for a moment that I did not overcome this phobia and did not have gifted healers such as my girlfriend around me. I would slowly, but surely have allowed my fears of driving over bridges make me more and more nervous of driving over one to the point that – at an extreme – I may have even developed an entire fear of driving at all – I’ve seen it happen to hundreds of people over the span of my career and the mental path one goes down to make that kind of phobia expand that way is, unfortunately, extremely easy to go down, but seemingly impossible to move back up.
But, THE absolute biggest point to consider FOR ANY PHOBIA is this… Regardless how much I would have rationalized about how safe bridges are, how unlikely it would be for me to have a tire blow-out right while I was on the bridge… I would never have been able to overcome this phobia.
Why? Because my underlying anxiety had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the bridge, it had to do with worry for my sister’s operation. So, I could tell myself how safe the bridge is, etc, BUT I would still be feeling anxious… However, I have my girlfriend completely ignore the bridge issue and say to me “you’re nervous over your sister’s operation – It’s okay, it’s scary… But she’ll be Ok” and my entire phobia crumbles like a sand-castle during high-tide.

The main point here is that most people try and rationalize their phobias away – “You shouldn’t be scared of spiders or doctors or bridges because…” and they try and find statistics to prove to themselves that the object of their fear is substantially safer than they feel it to be in their moment of panic… But the very definition of a phobia is “An exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation” … Consider that… ILLOGICAL… It’s not that it truly is illogical, rather that it defies rational reason why you are still afraid of that object or situation.

I am writing you this for one specific reason – Phobias can VERY EASILY BE HEALED… But, trying to rationalize with an irrational fear is about as smart as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble-gum! The only real way to heal a phobia is either by:
(a) Dealing with the REAL core fear that drives the phobia in the first place.
This way works fantastically well, the only problem with it is that it can sometimes be very hard to really get to the core anxiety that created the phobia and to heal it properly. That is one of the AMAZING powers of either a very gifted, insightful healer and, as Pavel and I like to sometimes use – Hypno-analysis – The process of using hypnosis to take you back to the original time and have you re-examine the original incident to see other factors that you may have missed back then.
Or, the other, oftentimes, almost instant cure:
(b) Dealing with the EMOTIONS driving the phobia rather than the thoughts.
The point here is that regardless what the core underlying issue was that created my phobia (in this story’s case – my anxiety over my sister having an operation), the emotions are very real!
So, if you simply move beyond trying to rationalize away the logic of the phobia and, rather, manage to release or “move away” from the EMOTIONS… you are cured! – No need for analyzing how or where it started. Simply no longer under the power of the fear in the first place.

This is why I wish to tell you and tell you clearly… PHOBIAS CAN BE HEALED!
Not only can they be healed, but oftentimes in less than an hour and most other times in less than a couple of hours for the stubborn ones.
If you have a phobia you would like to heal (or know someone else that does), please contact me and, perhaps, if we have space in our 44phobic roster, you might even get you phobia cured absolutely for free!
If you are not in my area, have a look in your area for a phobia specialist. Now that you understand how a phobia should be treated, you can interview them to see if they are truly capable of helping you or contact me and I’ll do my very best to try and help you find a good practitioner and end this suffering once and for all… You deserve that, don’t you think?

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