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Fear of Public Speaking / Stage Fright

Walking up to the podium, your mouth gets dry. Your mind starts to go blank. You feel lightheaded and dizzy. Your heart is beating a mile a minute and you are sweating through your clothes. You look out into the crowd of people you are about to address and you realize that you might just lose your lunch.

Many people get a little nervous when they have to give a speech or stand up in front of people to perform, no matter how big or small the crowd is. Sometimes this rush of adrenaline can help you, but those who have stage fright and fear of speaking in public are actually unable to proceed with their presentation at all because the fear is too great. Some will go into a full blown panic attack and simply shut down.

If you have a fear of public speaking or experience stage fright then you know how embarrassing it can be. You feel as if every single person is intently studying you and judging everything you do and say. It’s like you are on stage so that they can all grab their pens and notebooks to give you a detailed evaluation on EVERYTHING you managed to do wrong. It’s overwhelming and once you have experienced this fear to great lengths, you can find yourself avoiding such instances at all costs.

The situation might just be a speech at a wedding or a work presentation. It might be a job interview or maybe a quick introduction at a social event. Whatever it is, your body is treating is as a dangerous situation. Your subconscious has triggered your conscious mid to react as if something bad will undoubtedly happen and you are just stuck there waiting there for it.

The solution to this fear is to eliminate the anxiety and the fear. By use of hypnotherapy you will gain more confidence, address the issues that are causing you fear and retrain your thinking so that these fears are completely under control and eliminated when it comes to these situations.

Visualize yourself confidently walking up to that same podium. The words flow freely and all you can see are smiles in the audience as you deliver your impeccable speech. You are able to answer questions and you feel at ease and even if you mess up, something in your mind just tells you “That’s OK, nobody’s perfect” and you still continue giving an amazing presentation… Believe it or not, that is the way public speaking is meant to be!

By firstly changing your internal beliefs to being able to believe that the event will go fantastically instead of disastrously and then by, literally, re-training your unconscious reaction to become one of confidence, poise and self-trust, you will be able to achieve success when speaking in front of others.

Using the powerful (and often immediate) sciences of Hypnosis, NLP and EFT, we will bring you to a place where you can see a wonderful outcome and future as a person who can speak with complete poise and assurance – I’ve seen it happen THOUSANDS of times before and IT CAN HAPPEN FOR YOU TOO!

Your standing ovation awaits….

Control Anger

Are you in control of your anger or is your anger in control of you?

Seriously… Think about it… Do you get road-rage? Do you throw a fit when your child doesn’t listen to you or talks back? Do you sometimes just “lose it” or “see red” when a specific person says or does something to you?

Or, perhaps, it’s not “situational” anger that has got you, maybe you’re simply unable to release a hurt or anger from your past…

Is there still that one person you simply cannot manage to forgive? Can your blood still boil (or tears start running) when you think about a specific past event?

Either way, simply put, you are letting anger rule and control your life!

Now, for many of us this can seem like it’s not that big a deal – Just avoid that person, stay out of that situation or don’t think about that event and life is great… Right?
Well, actually, No!
When you are still AFFECTED (or, even more-so, AFFECT-ABLE) by people and situations, on a deeper level, that means that you are carrying around a large hurt, fear or resentment that MUST be healed in order for you to truly live a healthy, fully functional and happy life.

I see it every day with my clients – A “small” anger, once uncovered, will always lead us back to a past pain that they have either managed to ignore, repress or contain at the dire cost of their own wellbeing.
Those anger outbursts you’ve had are not just an out of control emotion, they are your emotions trying to tell you something. They’re screaming out at you: “PAY ATTENTION TO ME!” … “I’m hurt and I don’t want to be anymore!” and each time you ignore those outbursts or explain them away, the more you are, in actuality, ignoring and mistreating yourself!

In our session, my aim with you will be, firstly, to help you learn techniques to control your present anger and outbursts. We will use EFT and other, extremely powerful, techniques to help you very quickly turn down your emotional boiler-plate.
Next, I will help you release your past pains through techniques specifically aimed at helping you feel more empowered and more understanding while truly acknowledging yourself and your true feelings.

From past experience, I can tell you that this process is truly life-changing! – People from stressed-out stock brokers and angry house-wives all the way to abusive spouses and delinquent children leave this work feeling alive, in love with life and truly in control again.

Call me today and I will happily discuss with you your particular situation and how it’s affecting you and your life.

Stop Nail Biting



Procrastination can most simply be explained as postponing, or putting off, a task or duty that needs to be accomplished – When we put things off that need to be done today and we end up leaving those chores or undertakings unfinished, we are procrastinating.
The problem with procrastination is that it leaves us feeling worthless and guilty – The stress that could have been relieved by completing the task still remains and usually keeps churning over and over in our heads. Feeling enthusiastic, empowered and motivated about what we do gives us confidence and makes us feel pleased and proud of ourselves… Procrastinating, on the other hand, leaves us feeling defeated!

When we examine it more deeply, we discover that the most common core-emotion driving your procrastination is almost always anxiety. Having fear of how the task will be completed or harboring self-doubt about your ability to do the task well can stop you dead in your tracks and simply leave you feeling defeated and, ultimately, upset and disappointed with yourself. The root of this anxiety stems from a deeper problem, which is really a lack of self-motivation or a lack of self belief.

However, from my point of view, procrastination is really just another mental pattern that needs to be broken…

Hypnosis and NLP are precise techniques that accelerate your route to motivation and empowerment. Through guided hypnosis, I will show you how to use imagination and visualization to overcome these negative patterns that prevent you from accomplishing what you want.

By changing your thought processes and behavior, you will change the feelings you have that stop you from achieving the tasks that need to be done. Changing the patterns of these feelings and thoughts will allow you to think more practically and efficiently and, doing so, you naturally begin to feel a strong sense of incentive, motivation and personal power. The feeling of accomplishment from actually completing these goals will begin the new pattern of thought and end the pattern of procrastination forever more!

Imagine being given a task or having a goal and regardless what obstacles are in your way, YOU ACCOMPLISH IT!

… Imagine having these powerful feelings of motivation, determination and inspiration become your natural state of being…
You WILL feel excited to perform anything that needs to be done and YOU WILL DO IT WITH EASE AND GREAT PURPOSE!!!

Sleep Issues

Being unable to get to sleep, to stay asleep or to sleep deeply throughout the night can be one of the most frustrating and infuriating issues a person can face.

Sleep is our mind’s “quiet time.” It is during this state that we give our minds the much-needed chance to relax and re-boot from a long and stress-filled day. If our minds don’t get this need met for a prolonged period of time, then we find ourselves becoming more and more stressed and more and more frustrated.

The results of bad sleep can be terribly detrimental – For some people it can lead to bouts of depression, for others, excessive negativity and negative emotions. For many, it can even stop you from being able to properly lose weight and can bear very negative effects on your health. But for pretty much everybody, it right-away lowers your overall quality of life!

Although there are many medications out there helping people to fall asleep, for some even these “magic pills” come at a great price. Aside from other possible (and often very serious) side-effects, many of these pills are addictive while others leave you feeling either like a zombie, sluggish or hung-over the next day and others simply just don’t work for you!

However, when it comes to the tools of hypnosis, NLP and EFT, most doctors and medical professionals out there will agree that these tools are some of the most powerful, definitely the safest and some of the most effective remedies known today for overcoming sleep disorders.

Although there are many different possibilities as to why you may be experiencing your sleep problems, using these tools I will help you:

  • Train your mind to “switch off” for the night.
  • Release the anxious thoughts that you will not be able to fall asleep in the first place.
  • Release any negative emotions, memories or traumas that are not letting you stay asleep peacefully.

By helping you achieve each of these outcomes, you will find yourself finally being able to rest your head on a pillow after a long, productive day’s work and FINALLY able to let your mind relax, let go and able to fully enjoy a wonderful night of deep, relaxing sleep!
… About time, wouldn’t you say?

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