Stuttering / Stammering

If you are finding yourself embarrassed most days because you stutter or stammer when you speak, then you should know that there is help that is far more successful than what years of speech therapy can do.

It’s very frustrating not being able to say the words you really want to say. It’s a helpless feeling when you try to say something specific and you just can’t manage to get it out. Many times you can even be mistaken as someone not intelligent enough to hold an intellectual conversation and NOTHING can feel more defeating or be more crushing to your sense of self-esteem.

If you have a stutter or stammer, it probably feels like something you want to tackle and get under control this very moment and there is even a lot of talk out there about new medications designed to help treat the different “speaking disorders”.
Believe me, I wish nothing more for you than to be able to find such a drug or medication that will do the trick and help you solve this problem for ever. The main problem with these medications, though, is that they are not yet widely recognized as being safe or even as being effective. They come with their own list of possible side effects and, until they will be widely used for many years, they may even have many other possible side effects that we don’t even know of yet.

Now, don’t get me wrong, please do speak to your doctor or health professional about your options and definitely do your research, but if you have already done that, I would like to tell you that hypnosis is one of the most well known, well-trusted and well-documented techniques for helping people overcome a stutter or a stammer – And oftentimes with almost magical speed and ease!

Although I don’t know your specific situation, I can tell you that using some very specifically targeted relaxation and mental rehearsal techniques mixed together with addressing any anxieties or traumas attached to your stutter can often clear up your “speech defect” in as little as even one session!

Using the absolutely most cutting-edge techniques available today, we will literally re-train your brain to speak with ease, with power and with melodious flow – Just imagine getting to FINALLY speak clearly, calmly and with confidence in ANY situation – Feel all those years of pent-up frustration melting away and feel your natural sense of self-confidence beginning to grow all over again… Now THAT is what I wish for you!

… I look forward to speaking with you soon – Stutter and stammer free!

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