Control Anger

Are you in control of your anger or is your anger in control of you?

Seriously… Think about it… Do you get road-rage? Do you throw a fit when your child doesn’t listen to you or talks back? Do you sometimes just “lose it” or “see red” when a specific person says or does something to you?

Or, perhaps, it’s not “situational” anger that has got you, maybe you’re simply unable to release a hurt or anger from your past…

Is there still that one person you simply cannot manage to forgive? Can your blood still boil (or tears start running) when you think about a specific past event?

Either way, simply put, you are letting anger rule and control your life!

Now, for many of us this can seem like it’s not that big a deal – Just avoid that person, stay out of that situation or don’t think about that event and life is great… Right?
Well, actually, No!
When you are still AFFECTED (or, even more-so, AFFECT-ABLE) by people and situations, on a deeper level, that means that you are carrying around a large hurt, fear or resentment that MUST be healed in order for you to truly live a healthy, fully functional and happy life.

I see it every day with my clients – A “small” anger, once uncovered, will always lead us back to a past pain that they have either managed to ignore, repress or contain at the dire cost of their own wellbeing.
Those anger outbursts you’ve had are not just an out of control emotion, they are your emotions trying to tell you something. They’re screaming out at you: “PAY ATTENTION TO ME!” … “I’m hurt and I don’t want to be anymore!” and each time you ignore those outbursts or explain them away, the more you are, in actuality, ignoring and mistreating yourself!

In our session, my aim with you will be, firstly, to help you learn techniques to control your present anger and outbursts. We will use EFT and other, extremely powerful, techniques to help you very quickly turn down your emotional boiler-plate.
Next, I will help you release your past pains through techniques specifically aimed at helping you feel more empowered and more understanding while truly acknowledging yourself and your true feelings.

From past experience, I can tell you that this process is truly life-changing! – People from stressed-out stock brokers and angry house-wives all the way to abusive spouses and delinquent children leave this work feeling alive, in love with life and truly in control again.

Call me today and I will happily discuss with you your particular situation and how it’s affecting you and your life.

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