Procrastination can most simply be explained as postponing, or putting off, a task or duty that needs to be accomplished – When we put things off that need to be done today and we end up leaving those chores or undertakings unfinished, we are procrastinating.
The problem with procrastination is that it leaves us feeling worthless and guilty – The stress that could have been relieved by completing the task still remains and usually keeps churning over and over in our heads. Feeling enthusiastic, empowered and motivated about what we do gives us confidence and makes us feel pleased and proud of ourselves… Procrastinating, on the other hand, leaves us feeling defeated!

When we examine it more deeply, we discover that the most common core-emotion driving your procrastination is almost always anxiety. Having fear of how the task will be completed or harboring self-doubt about your ability to do the task well can stop you dead in your tracks and simply leave you feeling defeated and, ultimately, upset and disappointed with yourself. The root of this anxiety stems from a deeper problem, which is really a lack of self-motivation or a lack of self belief.

However, from my point of view, procrastination is really just another mental pattern that needs to be broken…

Hypnosis and NLP are precise techniques that accelerate your route to motivation and empowerment. Through guided hypnosis, I will show you how to use imagination and visualization to overcome these negative patterns that prevent you from accomplishing what you want.

By changing your thought processes and behavior, you will change the feelings you have that stop you from achieving the tasks that need to be done. Changing the patterns of these feelings and thoughts will allow you to think more practically and efficiently and, doing so, you naturally begin to feel a strong sense of incentive, motivation and personal power. The feeling of accomplishment from actually completing these goals will begin the new pattern of thought and end the pattern of procrastination forever more!

Imagine being given a task or having a goal and regardless what obstacles are in your way, YOU ACCOMPLISH IT!

… Imagine having these powerful feelings of motivation, determination and inspiration become your natural state of being…
You WILL feel excited to perform anything that needs to be done and YOU WILL DO IT WITH EASE AND GREAT PURPOSE!!!

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