Sleep Issues

Being unable to get to sleep, to stay asleep or to sleep deeply throughout the night can be one of the most frustrating and infuriating issues a person can face.

Sleep is our mind’s “quiet time.” It is during this state that we give our minds the much-needed chance to relax and re-boot from a long and stress-filled day. If our minds don’t get this need met for a prolonged period of time, then we find ourselves becoming more and more stressed and more and more frustrated.

The results of bad sleep can be terribly detrimental – For some people it can lead to bouts of depression, for others, excessive negativity and negative emotions. For many, it can even stop you from being able to properly lose weight and can bear very negative effects on your health. But for pretty much everybody, it right-away lowers your overall quality of life!

Although there are many medications out there helping people to fall asleep, for some even these “magic pills” come at a great price. Aside from other possible (and often very serious) side-effects, many of these pills are addictive while others leave you feeling either like a zombie, sluggish or hung-over the next day and others simply just don’t work for you!

However, when it comes to the tools of hypnosis, NLP and EFT, most doctors and medical professionals out there will agree that these tools are some of the most powerful, definitely the safest and some of the most effective remedies known today for overcoming sleep disorders.

Although there are many different possibilities as to why you may be experiencing your sleep problems, using these tools I will help you:

  • Train your mind to “switch off” for the night.
  • Release the anxious thoughts that you will not be able to fall asleep in the first place.
  • Release any negative emotions, memories or traumas that are not letting you stay asleep peacefully.

By helping you achieve each of these outcomes, you will find yourself finally being able to rest your head on a pillow after a long, productive day’s work and FINALLY able to let your mind relax, let go and able to fully enjoy a wonderful night of deep, relaxing sleep!
… About time, wouldn’t you say?

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