Test / Interview Anxiety

The fear of taking tests is a perfectly normal, natural and rational human response. Whenever it comes to anything where we perceive ourselves as capable of being judged or facing the possibility of rejection or failure, it is quite normal to feel some level of nervousness or jitteriness. However, for some of us, test taking can become an absolute nightmare!

Some people can find themselves living in a constant state of dread of that moment when their brains simply “go blank” on them. Others experience gastrointestinal problems, headaches, profuse sweating and, for a smaller proportion of the population, full-blown panic attacks.
And, unfortunately, these more severe symptoms are actually more commonplace than you would imagine. As a matter of fact, test anxiety has become so wide-spread that it has even been identified as a debilitating psychological syndrome by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Although the reasons for test and interview anxiety can be a number of things – You may have failed a test before and the consequences were unraveling to you. You may have “gone blank” when a tough question came your way, or it may have been a completely different kind of situation that left you feeling out of control or afraid of being judged or rejected. In any case, the fear and anxiety accompanied with taking a test or being interviewed needs to be dealt with and taken care of in order for you to stand the very best chances of success in all areas of your life!

When it comes to working with you on your test and interview anxieties, I can help you to, literally, re-program your deepest, unconscious thoughts and feelings such that you will walk in to that test or interview feeling calm, confident and absolutely certain of yourself.
Of course that is not to say you will become overly-confident or foolhardy and not prepare for the big day. Rather, it is to say that once you do prepare, you will finally be able to feel confident that all the right information will “come to you” at the right times and that you are capable of doing great!

Just imagine that difference – Imagine being able to finally get a good night’s sleep right before your “big day”. Imagine waking up that morning feeling great, confident and ready to knock their socks off. Now, imagine walking in to that room and having all the right information come to you easily and effortlessly… That is what test taking is like for some people out there and that is what it should be like for you!

Give me a call today and let us finally make these dreaded anxieties a part of your past forevermore!

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