Self-Esteem Issues

Lack of self esteem, in my opinion, is probably the largest (and most vicious) epidemic eating away at the core of our society today.

Do you ever find yourself being afraid to do something that, if your mind were turned off for a second, you know would be an absolute cinch – Maybe asking your boss for a raise, approaching an attractive person to start a conversation, taking a test, doing something new, facing a fearsome situation… the list goes on.

The point is that all of these things are absolutely easy in terms of the tasks they represent – For example, you can talk to your family and friends about your salary all the time, so why should it be harder to talk to your boss about the exact same subject?. The reason that is the case is because our minds have a very specific “thermometer” inside that decides what is and is not easy for us to do – Our self-esteem… Or, simply re-stating it, the way we esteem ourselves.

If you find yourself having any of these issues:

  1. Lacking self confidence
  2. Feeling anxious or depressed
  3. Frequently believing or imagining that others are better than you or feeling “less than”
  4. Being afraid to do something because you’re afraid of messing up or failing
  5. Feeling so overly pessimistic that you don’t take specific actions
  6. Felling unworthy of something or someone
  7. Doubting people’s sincerity when they compliment you
  8. Worrying what others are thinking or saying about you

Then your self-esteem is not as strong as it should be – The important thing to know here is that this internal “thermometer” we all have in our minds is nothing more than our internal dialogue being driven by a “blueprint” we have of ourselves – Something that lets us know what we are and are not capable of and what we are and are not worthy of.

Once we realize this, we can use various tools to firstly uncover what our minds are doing to us and what is “wrong” with our internal blueprint and, secondly, we can help re-draw this blueprint and therefore re-calibrate your internal thermometers.

Simply put, this is not therapy – I am not here to talk to you about your past and WHY the thermometer is set at its currently low level. Rather, I know that I have the techniques to help you change this internal thermometer’s settings to better suit you and to help you truly become that person you – deep down inside – know YOU ARE MEANT TO BE!

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