Firstly, let me state that impotence is often an organic problem and it is always important to have such issues examined by a doctor to uncover any possible medical issues needing to be addressed.

However, if your doctor sees it fit, the power of the mind on curing impotence is astounding!
Typically speaking, men who experience impotence or other sexual performance problems have a lot of past learning, upset, fear and insecurity about what their next sexual encounter might be like. You manage to get yourself stuck in a terrible loop of feeling stressed over how it may go, imagining the humiliation or upset if it goes badly, which, of course, in turn makes you more stressed and anxious to perform.

In our sessions together, we focus on erasing all these past feelings of fear and inadequacy and your performance anxieties and, instead, replacing them with feelings of arousal and sexual thoughts naturally creating arousal within you. We also use specific (and very powerful) hypnotic techniques to increase blood-flow to the penis to aid in getting and maintaining your erection.
What usually ends up resulting is that the next time you are in a sexual situation, your thoughts naturally stay on the encounter rather than on the stress of getting an erection and that single difference, compounded with the hypnotic conditioning, changes everything.

Simply put – Once we remove the fears and the doubts, nature and arousal take over – The erection happens automatically and, literally, without you giving it any thought at all and your impotence is cured!

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