Changing Beliefs:


Before reading on, look at the picture below and notice... What do you see?

A bottle massage oil with an optical illusion of 2 lovers on it depicting how beliefs and perceptions affect our reality.

  • Most adults will tell you that they see two lovers in a sensual embrace.
  • Most children will tell you that they see a group of 9 dolphins swimming and playing with each other.

Why is that?
Simply put, unless you have HBO at home, most children have never had the chance to know what an adult's sensual embrace should look like and therefore cannot see something their mind cannot perceive.
On the other hand, because most adults are aware of what that looks like, their minds automatically see that image first.

Explaining Beliefs:

Can you imagine what it is like for a baby to, for the first time in his or her life, figure out how to use a door-knob to open and close a door... Seems like a pretty strange example, I know, but think about how much that one lesson changes your life - All of a sudden, you become aware of how to use that strange contraption to move from room to room, how to seal off your space or to open it up... All because you learned how to twist that funny lever that exists in the middle of every door.
The beauty of this example is that it can show us how powerfully one small lesson can affect our lives.

Simply put, our beliefs are the "rules" we learn through life experience about how the world works, what we know to be true and false about our reality and our way of filtering through all the information that comes our way to know what to do with it.
This works great when we have a rule such as "Door knobs open doors" or "The sun rises in the east", but when we have a rule such as "I'm not good enough", "People always leave me", "I'm a failure when it comes to money" or "Relationships are impossible", we have a rule in our minds that completely limits our abilities and affect the way we view ourselves and others.

In our first ShiftHappens event, we got to see this first-hand -
Our volunteer (I'm intentionally not including any names for the sake of his anonymity) showed us the power of beliefs in affecting our lives. How a successful, very well-intentioned and very moral man could suddenly find himself doubting in his ability to succeed and believing that he'll never be able to thrive financially again.

On one hand, it was truly sad to see how a single traumatic event can so markedly change the course of your life and so powerfully affect your sense of self. BUT, on the other hand, it was also so great to see how dramatically his shifting his belief will positively affect so many areas of his life from now on!

Below, I've created a link where you can download a handout with the step-by-step procedure for the belief-change process we used in our first ShiftHappens meetup.

For those of you interrested in learning the science and the terminology, this technique would be considered a conscious derivative of a process called re-imprinting from the science of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). In re-imprinting, as you saw in the meetup, you work with the person on, rather than changing their current modern-day beliefs, changing their perceptions of the initial experience when they developed the belief in the first place.

When you're first learning this technique, follow it as closely as possible. But, as you saw that evening, there are some extra things you can do along the way to help the person shift when you hit a stuck-spot. As we keep meeting up, you're going to learn about a lot more techniques and, with time, you will learn how to mix and match to get yourself to the right place as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Download Handout Here - (Right-click this link to save the file to your computer.)

I can promise you all one thing - This process can work like magic!
When you use a technique such as this one and shift a limiting belief all the way back at the moment of when it started, the results are often nothing short of miraculous!
I have had clients get over decades of suicidal depression or years of self-worth issues in a matter of minutes with this exact technique... If you're willing to truly stick with it, IT CAN AND IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!

Please review this technique, get to know it and make it a part of your self-development toolbox.
I promise you, you will be VERY glad you did.

Until next time, enjoy your shift.

~ Ori